Conference Announcement: ICHME 7, in Germany 2022

ICHME-7 First Announcement

Seventh International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (ICHME-7) University of Mainz, (Germany), 19. – 23. September 2022

We are calling for papers for this seventh Conference, presenting original research on the history of mathematics education.The main thematic issues of the Conference will be:

1- to compare recent research on the history of mathematics education at the international level;

2- to highlight and analyse the interrelations between the history of mathematics and the history of mathematics education;

3- to explore new methods of research, interpretation, and evaluation of sources;

4- to enrich the history of education with a comparative approach to the mathematical contents taught;

5- to take into account the sociological context to analyse the educational and professional scope of mathematics education;

6- to analyse the dissemination of conceptions and reforms in mathematical education internationally.

The history of mathematics education is now a well-established area of research. The major moment in its modern development was the creation and work of TSG 29, the history of mathematics teaching and learning, at ICME 10 in 2004, in Copenhagen. Since then, it has been a subject of interest in various international meetings, e.g., at the ICME, HPM, CERME,and ESU conferences and an object of many studies and publications.

The first specialized research conference, entitled “Ongoing Research in the History of Mathematics Education”, held in Garðabær near Reykjavík (Iceland) in 2009, led to a series of such specialized conferences. This will be the seventh international conference, this time held in Mainz, Germany. It will be the continuation of the successful work of the first six conferences, in Iceland (2009), Portugal (2011), Sweden (2013), Italy (2015), The Netherlands (2017) and France (2019).

Abstracts of proposed contributions must be submitted before February 1, 2022.

To register to ICHME7 send an Email to Natalia Poleacova ( npoleaco(at) with the subject “ICHME7_registration_Name” and the completed form, which can be found on the homepage:

To submit the abstract one should send it attached to an Email to Natalia Poleacova ( npoleaco(at) with the subject “ICHME7_abstract_Name”, as described at

The decision about the acceptance of proposals will be communicated by April 1, 2022.

Abstracts should be in English and about one page (ca. 500 words), in word. References must be included. The abstract needs to include an explanation, with references, of why your proposed presentation is a relevant addition to the body of knowledge of the History of Mathematics Education. Regarding the choice of topics for presentations, there will be no restriction in terms of time periods.There will be no possibility for a revision of abstracts, once submitted.A publication of the Proceedings is planned. Submissions will be peer-reviewed.

The Conference

The conference will take place at the Erbacher Hof. First mentioned in 1177 as the city courtyard of the famous Cistercian monastery Eberbach im Rheingau (founded in 1135), the abbey and city courtyard were dissolved in the secularization of 1803 and have been privately owned ever since. After the purchase of the site by the diocese of Mainz in 1969, it was rebuilt. From 1977 the old building of the Erbacher Hof served as a conference centre. The new building was opened in 1988 and since 1998 the Erbacher Hof has been run as the academy of the Mainz diocese.Completely renovated in 2014 and 2015, the house shines in fresh splendour without forgetting the original architecture. The individual furniture in the rooms was largely retained and supplemented with modern elements. The lighting has been renewed and meets today’s requirements. All conference rooms are equipped with the latest conference technology and our lounge invites you to linger.For more information see:+ (only in German)

Registration and conference fee

Registration will take place via the conference website (see “registration”).

Registration and conference fees: until May 15, 2022, the fee is 200 Euros, after that the fee will be 230 Euros.

The fees include snacks and drinks during the breaks, the publication of the Proceedings andparticipation at the excursion. The last day of registration and payment is July 15, 2022.

The bank account for the payment of the fees will be indicated later at our Website.

Accommodation and travel are not included and must be organized by you. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us. A list of hotels, B&B, Youth Hostels etc. can be found here:+

There is also the possibility to stay at the Erbacher Hof. Unfortunately, their capacity is minimal. If you are interested in staying there, please, contact us ( npoleaco(at) as soon as possible.